Saturday, April 9, 2011

Refinishing Our Piano

We have refinished our piano! It was a LONG process, but now it is over! We bought the piano in December, but we knew that it would be quite the process and we finally set aside time to get it done. When we first bought the piano, we envisioned stripping off all the paint and staining the wood.

*We searched for a "before" piano shot, but we don't have one. sorry!*

We spent hours and hours stripping the 5 layers of paint off, sanding down the wood, priming the wood to be painted, and then painting two coats of paint and replacing all the tops of the keys. However, we quickly realized that it had so many different colors of wood. We then decided to paint it black. The construction site took over our kitchen.

Outside to use the sander

Inside our kitchen ready to be primed

Primed :)

However, with our hands busy, we were able to listen to the prophets and apostles of God speak to us in General Conference. We loved the talks and loved learning new things to work on. We are excited to use the talks for our FHE lessons for the next six months. We are so grateful to have continuing revelation from our Heavenly Father to guide and direct us in this crazy, yet wonderful life.

We wearingly finished the last coat of paint and were grateful for the chance to make some good process on the piano. It was a good experience in which we were again reaffirmed that we work really good together as a team and that sometimes we bit off a little more than we should.

We are happy to have our piano back.