Sunday, June 17, 2012

Springtime at the Borget Home

Hello Everyone! It seems like its been a while since we have blogged. We have continued to work on our home. The newest addition has been our cute patio furniture and a painting for our front room.
We love it!
Alisha also came for a visit in May.We love her! We went to a new mall in Salt Lake City, the City Creek Mall. It was fun to go shopping with my sisters again.

Alisha, Me, & Emily
Christopher is such a good shopper!

We have also really enjoyed going to all the homes of the Parade of Homes. We love going to look at some good ideas of how to make our house better and for future houses we may build. Here are some of our favorite features:)
Love the grand entry way

Christopher loves the waterfall features

A modern home decorated with a real plant wall. "Impressive"

Loved the huge shower!

On the 3rd floor putting green of one of the homes. Love the view!

We have also been able to go to our temple, the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. We love it there.
Temple where we got married :)

View from the temple entrance

Love the flowers

We have a lot of fun filled summer planned, so we'll have lots more to update on our blog. :)

Kite Flying!!!