Wednesday, July 25, 2012

♫ As Long as You're Mine....♫

Hello Everyone! 

Happy Summer! WAHOOO...this year is flyin' by! Here are some of the highlights of our summer thus far :)

Our Garden:
We were not going to work on putting in a garden this year, but the thought of home grown tomatoes and cucumbers convinced us to plant one. It started off a little slow, but before we knew it, we have bushes of tomato plants!

Melissa picking the first ripe one of the year!

Home Improvements:
We are constantly trying to do different things to our little house to make it more ours. We got our first piece of fine art (as mentioned in the last post) and we updated our laundry room. What do you think?

Automobile Changes:
Roxxie (our 2008 TSX Acura) went to the doctors for a good clean up. Since Christopher got her, she has acquired a few beauty marks including rock chips on the front bumper, a big chip out of the roof from a big rock on the freeway, and other scratches in the paint. Here is some pictures of the process...

But in the meantime, we get to drive around in Lil' Bug!!!

We wanted to get a motorcycle, but decided that this cute little Del Sol would do the trick for us :)
We have already enjoyed going camping with it and on a nice Sunday drive. 

Lil' Bug

Lexi couldn't believe we bought her favorite kind of car!

We also got the chance to go to WICKED at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City. 

"You gotta get a bag!!!"

In our seats waiting for it to begin! :)

It was amazing! I am so glad that Emily and Andrew came with us! I can't wait to see it again!