Sunday, September 16, 2012

Goodbye summer, HELLO FALL!

We love fall!

We welcome the cooler temperatures, changing leaves on our canyon drives, fun fall activities, and exciting things to celebrate. We've been busy with more home improvements, switching up our car lineup, going to the state fair, started reading a new book series, and surprising Christopher for his 30th birthday!

 We decided to finally take the plunge and add concrete to the side of our house.
SO much nicer! No more mud or weeds!

 In August, we (a.k.a Christopher) decided it was time for a change of cars. Christopher says he has a serious disorder where he doesn't like to hold onto cars for "too long" (in his book = usually a few months to a year). However, we've had Roxxie (our 2008 Acura TSX) since we meet (almost 2 years!). After driving many cars, we loved the 2010 Nissan Maxima because its very roomy, comfy, curvy, and POWERFUL. So Christopher found one online and bought it. He then flew to MICHIGAN to get it and drive it back home. He says it was totally worth it! We affectionately call her Keisha - cuz she's black and curvy :) Roxxie, we had some great times with you. You will be missed! Welcome to the family, Keisha!

Keisha & Roxxie

Recently, we started reading Harry Potter! For years, Melissa has refused to read the books (even though everyone in her family fought over who gets to read them first). When she met Christopher, she knew they were meant to be when she learned that he, too, had not read the books or seen the movies. After we got married, we started reading books together and loved it. Then Christopher suggested that we read Harry Potter. Although, Melissa was again reluctant, she thought that now maybe was HER time to experience Harry Potter with Christopher. We borrowed the first book from an excited Emily and read the it in 3 days! We are hooked! We loved watching the first movie and can't wait to read the rest of them!

We went to the Utah State Fair with Jamie, Kristin, Lexi, and Jack. We had a great time!
Lexi waiting to ride a pony.

Riding like a pro!

Petting the goats

Look at him go! 

HELLO 3-0!
On Friday, September 14, Melissa planned a surprise birthday party for Christopher's 30th birthday! His birthday isn't until September 20th, but to throw him off, we planned it for the weekend before :) It was not an easy feat to keep secrets from Christopher since we do EVERYTHING together. Melissa had to be creative and do most of the planning during lunch time and breaks at work. Christopher was super surprised and overwhelmed when he saw everyone that had come to support him. He was speechless! He mustered out a meager "Woah" and had to go upstairs and change into clean clothes. When he got back, we had a pizza taste testing contest for him and played a trivia game with 30 questions about Christopher. We then had some amazing desserts including Emily's Reese's cheesecake, Allyson's Better than "Birthday" cupcakes (fondly known as Quickies :)), and Dana's brownie/cheesecake cupcakes. It was a hit! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for everyone that came! It meant the world to Christopher! 

Answering Trivia Questions

Birthday Pizza

"Hello 3-0!" 

Sign Mom & Dad B gave Christopher - He loves it!

 Thank you Melissa, for being my everything and making my birthday so special! You bring meaning to my life when it had none before! XOXOXO

 We then went to Shaylin's wedding reception at Noah's. It was beautiful!
Got Keisha all washed

 We hope you are enjoying fall as much as we are! :)