Saturday, October 20, 2012

Could Not Ask for More

I did not quite understand the significance of that special day
From willfully independent to eternally united
I became part of something more than what I could be on my own
I became a wife
Nothing could have prepared me for that day
Or all the days to follow, I suppose
But hand in hand, excited and hopeful, we blissfully began this journey together

With each day and year, the significance of that special day sinks deeper into our souls
Through vigilant choices and actions
Together we bend heaven and earth to keep those special promises we made
We are becoming of one heart and one mind (united)
The future is unknown
But hand in hand, excited and hopeful, we happily continue this journey together


In reflection over the past two years, I seem to  more profoundly understand the value of marriage and what my marriage means to me. One of the most touching explanation of marriage I have ever found is an article from Elle magazine a few months before our wedding. Entitled “Till Whatever Do Us Part” the author attempts to explore the meaning of a lifetime commitment in an age when instant gratification trumps endurance and our obsession with taking our “happiness temperature”.

“The point of living isn't to be in a perpetual state of fairy-tale ecstasy; it's to find the meaning of life, the meaning of your life. And the point of marriage, I think, is to create meaning, with every happy and sad memory, every hardship overcome, every kind act, every moment of acceptance, every triumph, every child, grandchild, pet, and friend you accumulate ¬together. The point of staying married until you die is to have a witness to your whole life, to the meaning you built. In the end, you can look at your spouse and say: Somebody knew me—and I knew them.”

Christopher, thanks for adding meaning to my life.

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! I love you!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Fun

We can’t begin to express how much we REALLY love fall! We've been enjoying all that fall has to offer (expect the Fall Festival L). The last month has flown by but we have some fun pictures that we need to post so here goes!

We had a great day of celebrating Christopher by going to the Cheesecake Factory and making some yummy Snicker Salad. We had a great time!
Birthday Morning

Chopping up Snickers

Snicker Salad :)
 (Christopher takes over…..)What do you get a person that buys everything he wants as soon as he wants it? All Christopher ever wanted was Melissa, so spending the day with her was the best birthday ever. He loves that this was his 3rd birthday with Melissa and every birthday is better than the last. We started off going on a long walk, we love our walks together and just walked and walked with nowhere to go and nowhere to be. It was so wonderful. After the walk we made the yummy snicker salad and then Christopher went to Provo to run some errands while Melissa was getting ready for the rest of the day. When Christopher got home Melissa had gotten all GORGEOUS and was in her new dress. SHE LOOKED SO AMAZING AND ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! That night we went up to cheesecake factory and shared an amazing meal together. Christopher then purchased his birthday present “A Tablet” and we went on another walk. We then came home and played a game and just enjoyed the night together. What a wonderful birthday celebration!

Christopher's Birthday 2011
Christopher's Birthday 2012

Same Restaurant, Same Reason to Celebrate, Different Years :)

We have also really enjoyed taking Sunday Drives in our Lil Bug. Here are some pictures from Cascade Springs. Love the colors of the changing leaves!

What a HUNK!
On October 4th, one of our dear friends got married. We decided to celebrate the day by visiting the temple where we got married, the Oquirrh Mountain temple. Love that temple! Katie, we love you! You were a BEAUTIFUL bride :)

Joshua & Katie's Reception :)

We have also really enjoyed watching some marching bands performance at BYU stadium. 

Once a band nerd, always a band nerd J