Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Update

We've had a wonderfully busy summer! 

Squaw Peak Hike


Grandpa & Grandma Egbert Visit
Grandpa Egbert
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Drum Corp Show at Weber State

Celebrated 10 High School Reunion with a visit from Kambrala & Ellyn 
(and we ran a half marathon together)

Kuhlenhoelter Family Reunion in Bear Lake

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Attempt #2 :(

It's been a GREAT summer!

Lehi Home

Here are pictures of our new home in Lehi. We moved in at the end of June and we love it! 

Closing Day :)
Final Walk Through

 Here is your virtual tour! 

Living Room - We Love our view of the Jordan River :)

Christopher's Shop :)

Upstairs (not shown: 2 bedrooms)



Come Visit ANYTIME :)