Saturday, March 8, 2014

Love, Cars, & Fairies

Here is the update as promised J
Valentine’s Day
For Valentine’s Day we stayed home and made dinner & dessert from new recipes. We made a Black Bean  & Quinoa Enchilada Bake and Gooey Chocolate Skillet Cookie Cake and they both were delicious!

We also wanted to watch a romantic movie too. However, when we Goggled “romantic” movies we were sad to see what others considered romantic. Many of the suggested movies had story lines that included people in affairs that chose to go back to their spouses instead of run away with their new love.  How is that romantic?! To us,  true romantic movies express the excitement of two  people meeting and choosing a life together, the dedication of working together overcoming hard things, the devotion of remaining true & loyal through all times and seasons, and the commitment to cherish their marriage and relationship. We have begun search for great love movies :)

Big Blue

We bought a truck and we love him! We call him Big Blue and we are excited to take him camping & stargazing, to help others, and to use to tow cars to fix.

Trisha Trip
We also bought a new car, 2013 Acura TL named Trisha Lee. 

We flew to Cleveland to get her so we were able to stop in and say hello to Alisha at Purdue and Kambrala in Omaha (and got to try an authentic Runza). It was great to see them but wished we could have stayed longer with both of them! We were able to listen to Harry Potter books 2 & 3 on the drive back too.

Eating a Runza

Fairy Tea Party

Lexi, Kyla, Mom, Kristin, Emilee, Tracy, Grandma Baum, and Melissa went to Fairy Tea Party at the Provo Library. It was magical to see all the cute little fairies learning how to fairy curtsy, watching the dancing fairies, walking in the fairy promenade, and eating their fairy snacks using their fairy manners. 

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