Thursday, October 27, 2011


October has been a really fun and really busy month filled with a trip to Indiana, celebrating our anniversary, and Melissa’s birthday!

We were so glad that we got to visit Indiana and see some of our friends and family. Christopher also got to experience the legendary Fall Festival. (For those who haven’t had the opportunity to attend the Fall Festival, you are missing out on a whole mile worth of booths full of FOOD!) We were in a constant state of full the whole week!  We ate many Monster Ears, a few Texas tenderloins, fried s’mores, Stromboli’s, meatball sandwiches, walking tacos, corn on the cob, bacon wrapped jalapenos, and Christopher even tried a Brain Sandwich! We loved spending time with Kate, Lily, and Elise (and the older people too!) and we already miss them so much!

We also LOVE having family close too! We were able to celebrate Emily's birthday this month!

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Emily had a few helpers :)

Madeline smiling at Jonny
Christopher & Jack are matching!

We celebrated our 1st anniversary! What a wonderful year! Christopher surprised me at work with a beautiful bouquet of star gazer lilies. They smell so good! I also gave Christopher a notebook that I wrote in during the whole first year of marriage. He really liked it, I think :).  It really has been a wonderful year of being married! And the best is yet to come!

And I had a great birthday! Christopher bought me a whole new set of makeup brushes from MAC, new hair brushes, and new Love Rocks lotion and spray! He really spoiled me by sending her to work with a bag of goodies, bringing me lunch from Zupas, and getting ingredients to make me a yummy cake! It is great to have Christopher to celebrate with!